PRIBL reveals Biomechanics Training Protocols and Technology to be used next Summer

by PRIBL Media

Rincón, PR - The PRIBL Baseball Operations office has revealed some training protocols and technology the coaching staff will apply during 2024 summer.

National Pitching Association (NPA) official coaches Juan Berger and Anderson Moore will implement the National Pitching program during the PRIBL Summer Camp, which offers advanced, scientifically proven instruction and training for baseball players to increase velocity and functional strength while reducing the risk of injuries.

The program is certified by the Institutional Review Board (IRB), including experts such as orthopedic doctors, sports physiologists, and nutritionists. The NPA coaches train youth, high school, college, and professional pitchers to increase pitching velocity and accuracy while staying injury-free.

The training focuses on eliminating mechanical inefficiencies to help players improve their game and throw faster, harder, and with higher levels of accuracy. The program is designed to help pitchers and players of all skill levels. The specific details of the training protocols are available just through NPA official coaches. These protocols are a health-first approach.

These NPA Training Protocols have succeeded in many hall of famers; more than 1,000 pitchers have reached the MLB under NPA training.

“I am sure that by including these protocols in the PRIBL program, along with the baseball games in the schedule, lectures, and the specific training with the rest of the coaching staff, the PRIBL Summer Camp will jump to a first-class option for the athletes looking to improve their game, and not just ‘play baseball games’ during the summertime,” Coach Berger said.

ArmCare dynamometer, an MLB-class technology, will be used in the training of the PRIBL camp to track arm strength and focus on the health and performance of the athletes.