Coach Anderson Moore Joins 2024 PRIBL Summer Camp Coaching Team

by PRIBL Media

Dallas, Texas – In an exciting update for PRIBL Baseball, Coach Anderson Moore has been confirmed as part of the coaching staff for the upcoming 2024 Summer Camps. This announcement was made by Juan Berger, the PRIBL Director of Baseball Operations, following a fruitful visit to the 80th annual American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) Convention in Dallas.

Moore brings a wealth of experience as an official NPA (National Pitching Association) coach. Moore is recognized for his expertise in evaluating weak links in rotational athletes and creating effective strength programs.

Coach Moore has worked closely with Tom House, a renowned pitching expert, and will be responsible for delivering lectures on recovery and nutrition to the athletes. This addition to the coaching staff promises to bring valuable insights and training techniques to the upcoming camp, further enhancing the development of young baseball talents.

The training under Coach Moore's watch will include mental and emotional aspects crucial for athletes' development. "Mental training is essential for baseball players, as the game involves a significant amount of downtime, during which the mind can wander and affect performance," Moore stated.

PRIBL camp will focus on various mental skills training concepts, including managing pressure, overcoming doubt and fear of failure, dealing with uncontrollable outcomes, and improving negative self-talk.

By integrating these mental and emotional training aspects into the athletes' preparation, Coach Moore aims to enhance their ability to stay focused, manage pressure, and maintain a positive mindset during PRIBL games and practices, ultimately contributing to the players' overall success on the field during their careers.

Berger expressed enthusiasm about adding Coach Moore to the coaching staff, highlighting the camp's commitment to offering a comprehensive development experience for young baseball talents. "Coach Moore's inclusion aligns with our vision of nurturing athletes in all facets, ensuring their holistic growth on and off the field," Berger stated.

As anticipation builds for the 2024 PRIBL Summer Camp, incorporating Coach Anderson Moore into the coaching lineup signifies a pivotal stride toward nurturing well-rounded athletes, emphasizing physical prowess and mental and emotional fortitude essential for success in the sport.